Seminars & trainings

If you are planning to expand your instrumentation, we will gladly lend our experience in the selection of the appropriate solution. In collaboration with our team of calibration technology experts, we develop tailor-made solution.

If required, also as a turnkey plug and play system. On-hand commissioning as well as the training of the operator is naturally included. Our calibration courses are individually matched to your requirement and needs. Thus we can set the topics of the theory as well as the practice of calibration technology. Also will provide consultancy for NABL Lab set up.

WIKA India's calibration Laboratory has been certified by NABL According to ISO/IEC-17025:2005. The quality management system is approved by DQS Register Quality Assurance as per ISO-9001:2015.

Testing and calibration facility
The WIKA pressure calibration laboratory is accredited by NABL for over pressure, absolute and differential pressure, mass as well as for dead weight tester calibration by cross floating, NABL best capable measurement uncertainty 0.003 % Rdg. certificate cab be issued for absolute pressure 70 bar, vaccum & over pressure up to 5000 bar. Also mass calibration for E2, F1 & courser up to 10 kg. Temperature calibration from range -35 to 1200 °C. Electrical parameter calibration for different parameter calibration.

Recommended calibration interval

  • Dead weight tester of 0.025 % and 0.015 % : 3 years
  • Master pressure gauges 0.1 %: 2 years
  • Dial pressure gauges of 1 %, 0.25 %, 0.5 %:1 year
  • Electronic pressure measuring instruments <0.5 % of FS: 1 year
  • Pressure and differential pressure transmitter: 1 year
  • E-2 class mass set: 3 years
  • F-1 class mass set: 2 years
  • Temperature instruments: 1 year
  • Electrical instruments: 1 year 

Do you have questions about calibration and maintenance? We are happy to help you. Monday – Friday from 7.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.