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Since 2002 WIKA has been a member of the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL), the calibration laboratory service have been accredited by NABL in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for the measurement parameters pressure and mass. Thus, with WIKA, you can be sure that a calibration and the generation of a NABL calibration certificate is always carried out in compliance with legal and normative requirements and also on an internationally comparable level.

What is a NABL calibration?

Calibration means the ascertainment of the present relation between readings and measured variable. The results of calibration are documented in the NABL calibration certificate. The test specimen gets a calibration mark. In general the calibration is done according to legal SI units. N/m2 applies to pressure in this case. According to special agreement, other customary units such are also possible e.g. psi, kg/cm2.

In measurement technology, calibration means determining the measuring deviation of the respective measuring instrument. In contrast to adjustment, in calibration there is no intervention with the instrument. If an indicating measuring instrument is calibrated, the measuring deviation between the measured value display and the actual value is recorded. For material measurements, for example masses, the difference is determined between the marking and the actual value.

What is a NABL calibration accreditation?

The National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) guarantees the connection of the calibration facilities of the industrial measuring organizations to the national standards i.e. NPL or the international standards i.e. PTB, NPL UK, NIST and so on. It consists of the calibration laboratories, which are accredited and supervised according to the contractual basis established by Department of Science and Technology. NABL is the member of Asia Pacific (APAC) and International (ILAC) co-operations. This means the official recognition of the NABL calibration certificates in nearly all important countries in the world.

In contrast to the testing according to the calibration law (for a fixed period), the calibration concerns the testing in the industrial measuring system.

WIKA calibration laboratory calibrates measuring equipment of WIKA-manufacturing as well as measuring instruments from other manufacturers according to customer’s order. More and more customers use this special service to provide their measuring gauges with NABL calibration certificate to reach the international respected standards and thus to gain a crossed frontier acceptance.

NABL accredited calibration laboratory

The WIKA pressure calibration laboratory is accredited and supplies NABL calibration certificates for positive, negative overpressure as well as for absolute and differential pressure gauges, digital pressure indicators, transmitters, manometers, dead weight testers.

Dead weight testers are calibrated by first principle cross float calibration i.e. piston area and mass calibration. This method gives excellent characterization of the unit and gives accurate results. Other pressure instruments are calibrated by comparison method with highest stability to realize correct readings of device under calibration. The uncertainties in measuring stated for most of the customary ranges Are < 0.01to 0.03% of Reading.

Calibration certificates

The result of the NABL calibration is recorded in a calibration certificate. It is ensured that your NABL calibration certificate will also be recognised in other countries. We generate NABL calibration certificates for the measurement parameters pressure and mass.

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