Model GCx-06

Connection parts with nominal width DN 6

Valves, coupling valves, protection caps, fittings, adapters and connections for analytic instruments

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  • Handing at SF6 gas tanks
  • For indoor and outdoor equipment

Special features

  • The valves can be disconnected or coupled underpressure or vacuum
  • Vacuum and pressure-tight (-1 ... +64 bar)
  • Working temperature -40 ... +80 °C
  • Leak rate:
    GCV, GCA, measuring chambers: ≤ 1 · 10-8 mbar · l / s
    GCG: ≤ 1 · 10-5 mbar · l / s
  • Tested helium tightness of 100 %


Safe and simple operation
WIKA's connection parts enables the secure storage and handling of environmentally hazardous SF6 greenhouse gas in the equipment provided for this. The connecting parts have been precisely and specifically optimised for this application.

The ease of mounting and removal, as well as being 100 % tested for leak tightness, make these connecting parts safe and reliable interfaces for the filling and maintenance of the equipment.

Highest quality
In order to meet the high demands for quality, the robust design has passed extensive testing with actuation tests, tests in atmospheric conditions and shock tests. The connecting parts are manufactured from high-quality aluminium, brass and stainless steel. On request, the connecting parts can be supplied with a material certificate.

Comprehensive product range
The product range for connection parts with nominal width DN 6 consists of self-closing valves, matching couplings and soldered and weld-in connections. For the connection of DN 6 to other nominal widths and connections, the appropriate adapters and components are available. A protection cap offers mechanical protection and additional sealing.

By using WIKA connection parts, the maintenance-free and reliable separation of SF6 gas compartments from the environment is made possible. In this way, not only is the escape of SF6 gas prevented, but also the ingress of moisture.

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