Calibration benches

Scandura calibration benches combine an industrial work bench with a series of modules that allow the user to set and calibrate measuring instruments.

These benches are used in the laboratories and workshops of manufacturing plants, in laboratories and training facilities. Each bench has been developed according to the specific requirements of the customer and it is the ideal instrument for the calibration of:

  • Pressure: pressure gauges, pressure switches, transducers, transmitters, indicators, calibrators, valves
  • Temperature: sensors, thermocouples, resistance thermometers, transmitters, calibrators, PRT
  • Electrical signals: multimeters, AC/DC power supply units, decades
  • Frequency and impulses: signal generators, oscilloscopes

Models available:

  • CBS-SC2000: Integrated calibration system for electronic and pneumatic instrumentation
  • CBS-SC4000: Integrated temperature test and calibration bench
  • CBS-SC5000: Integrated calibration system for electric instrumentation
  • CBS-SC9000: Multi-purpose integrated calibration system
  • CBM-SC3000: Laboratory test systems


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